Full-Spectrum Light (issue 20)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives.  We feature some of the best here.


Color Loss in the Strawberry Finch or Red Avadavat – Part 2 | That ...
Full spectrum light may also play a role. For some reason, breeders considered this to important to the Strawberry Finch’s care years before its role in bird husbandry was fully appreciated. Certainly, many have noticed that the plumage …


Beating the Crazy Winter Blues
Keep your shades up during the day to let more light in. Sit near windows in restaurants and during class. Try changing the light bulbs in your house to ” full spectrum” bulbs. These mimic natural light and actually have the same affects …


Wanna Buy A Duck: Ole Mister Blues Ain’t Got Me
Ole Mister Blue Ain’t Got me because I installed my full spectrum light bulbs. I keep 3 bulbs scattered throughout the house, one by my computer, my reading spot by the sofa, and by my bed. In short, the light mimics the qualities of …


Savvy Gal Spotlight: Winter Blues or Wishing You Were Single
There is even full-spectrum light therapy that can be prescribed by a doctor. Although your body is craving the soothing comfort of carbs, you still need to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Participating regularly in your usual social


Health Insurance | Setting Up Your Office For “Health”
By simply replacing your antiquated fluorescent tubes with full-spectrum tubes, you can instantly enhance your environment and your well-being! Full spectrum lighting emits a natural, balanced spectrum of light that is the closest you


11 Ways to Cope with Night Shift Work
Another way to stay awake is to be exposed to high intensity, full spectrum light. The bright light acts as sun light, which signals your brain to stay awake. Having bright lights in the office also help reduce vision problems from …


50 Inexpensive Tips to Increase The Value of Your Home | My …
Where it’s safe, use higher wattage light bulbs in your lamps for a bright, warm atmosphere. Also consider slightly pink-tinted or full spectrum “natural” light bulbs to create a warm glow for your home. Don’t forget about the bulbs in …


Seedlings suffer under poor light
A. Limited light is usually the culprit. Consider using artificial lights to supplement natural light. Use a full spectrum compact fluorescent or combination of cool and white fluorescent light bulbs. Keep lights 4 to 6 inches above the top of the …


Choosing Where To Locate Your Aquaponics System
The two things to consider when choosing a location is temperature and light. It will need to be located in a sunny location, or you will have to supply it with full spectrum lighting. It will also need to be located in an area with a …

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